FDP 2018 Faculty Workload Survey 

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This study has been conducted three times – originally in 2005, then again in 2012, before the current study in 2018.  If you would like to receive an informational packet to learn more about this study please complete this form.  We will include you on future updates, and you will receive the following documents via email shortly:

  • 2012 Survey Report Executive Summary

  • 2012 Survey Full Report

  • 2005 Survey Report

  • 2005 Survey Report with Appendices

  • 2018 Study Information Summary

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Study Details

Research Partner & Sponsor: The Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)

Principal Investigator: Sandra Schneider, Ph.D. (University of South Florida)

SoundRocket Study Director: Julie Smith, Ph.D.

Institutional Review/Human Subjects Review Board: University of South Florida Institutional Review Board. Contact information: by phone at 813-974-5638; by email at RSCH-IRB@usf.edu.

Other Relevant Websites: www.thefdp.org

If you have any questions about the FDP 2018 Faculty Workload Survey study, and would like to connect with someone from the research team, please contact SoundRocket via email at support@soundrocket.com, or by phone at 734-527-2199.