SoundRocket's Guiding Principles

Everyone has self-assessed at some point or another.  Be it something formal with a Myers & Briggs inventory or a chat with a trusted friend or family member - we are driven to search for who we are.  To some it comes easier than others.  While I have always loved to self-assess, I have generally been shy...

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12, 38, 400, 820, and 1.9 million - A Numeric Exercise in Gratitude

In the Summer of 2004, I set out to carve a new path.  I knew that I didn't enjoy market research (or social science research within a market research firm).  I missed academic social science research, but I wasn't keen on returning to a purely academic environment.  I took a leap of faith and quit my job with no plan.  With two young kids, I would test out being a "full-time dad" for awhile, as I explored what options I had.  I suspect I knew inside that I needed the urgency of not having a job to help me decide what was next.

I am grateful that...

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Are we truly innovating in social science research, or are we just building better rope?

When I think of innovation in survey research, I think of innovation in our "sister" field of land surveying.  (A field I think of too often as I correct confused extended relatives about the type of surveys that I'm involved in.)

In 2600 B.C. Egypt, "rope stretchers" were some of the first land surveyors.  They stretched rope to measure land distances.  But rope had its flaws - it was often weak, stretched, expensive, and in large amounts could be very heavy.  Small innovations took place...

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