Research Wonder: A Case for Respondent Pre-Survey Rituals?

A couple months ago, I listened to a podcast episode called "Sports Superstitions" on a wonderful podcast called Fearless Conversations with Abby Wambach (which, by the way, is a wonderful podcast on a variety of social issues from the perspective of a professional athlete). It brought back memories of long ago (high school) days when I used to pole vault. For a long time I blamed my youth for the rituals that I would perform before and during competition.  How I removed the pole from its cardboard tube, the number of times I rocked back and forth before I started down the runway (three), and even the side of the pit that I used to jump off after I completed a vault (always the left)... 

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Research Wonder: Heart Rate and Body Movement as Survey Quality Paradata?

It seems inevitable - when many of us are wearing devices like smart watches and step counters that can also monitor our heart rate and even track movement while we sleep, when will that technology cross over into survey research? It seems...

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Research Wonder: Response Motivation - Important for Survey Data Interpretation

Most agree that people have numerous motivations to participate in research.  In a recent article, Florian Keusch thoroughly details the various reasons why people participate in web surveys.  It is clear that there is no single reason -- societal characteristics, individual characteristics, and survey characteristics all play a role.  But like most strong literature reviews do, it left me with this...

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Research Wonder: Group Science or Puffs of Insanity?

Rarely a day passes without me saying (or hearing someone else say), "I wonder how this may impact data quality," or, "I wonder why we keep doing it this way," or my favorite, "I wonder if anyone else has wondered this too!"

I have seen the power of the scientific method.  I have seen that ideas can grow and expand, and how they usually twist and turn.  I know that science is not linear.

So it is time for me to spin off my little wonderments to the world...

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