SoSciKu: Our Method

I was recently inspired by a website called The Sciku Project, which touts the "latest scientific discoveries in haiku form".  I have always been fascinated by Haiku - the logical (but also illogical) structure imposed on language in the form of poetry.  The structure - 17 syllables in three groups of 5 - 7 - 5 syllables each.

Figured I would give it a try - there may or may not be more to come!  If you have ever written any SoSciKu - please send it to us - I would love to share it here.

As I have started writing, I have found that my personal style blends both the social sciences and entrepreneurship - my experiences with the two are so mixed in practice.  

With no further delay - I share with you the SoundRocket Method:

SoundRocket method

Propels social sciences

For the greater good