The SoundRocket Launch Pad

I hope you have enjoyed reading the past 6 posts to our new blog - the Launch Pad.  If you have not yet read them, I encourage you to go back to the beginning and read about our story.   I have certainly enjoyed writing them! 

I look forward to using this blog to write about and share our experiences.  While I expect the focus will adapt as we ourselves evolve, the plan will be to post approximately weekly with short, easy to read and digest posts on the following topics:

  • Conducting business in the academically focused social science research world

  • Insights into survey methodology and related sciences

  • Interesting new research or directions from the field of social science research

We may consider sharing this platform with guest posts, and we welcome any input on what you would like to see covered in future posts.  I will do my best to keep it light and fun, and easily read within a couple minutes.

Thank you for reading.