Our Story - Part 2

Survey Sciences Group, LLC: The best of both worlds

Having made it successfully through my long first post (read part 1 now if you missed it), I promise to keep it more concise today.  The topic today makes it easy, as it has been clear to me since well before the Survey Sciences Group was formed.

The world of survey research suffers from a fear of change (for a nice piece on this see Reg Baker's posts part 1, part 2).  This plays out in particular in the world of academic research, where there also exists an insane desire to reinvent the wheel for each study.  As a result, academic research is often needlessly cumbersome, inefficient, and wasteful of resources.

Our commercial counterpart in market research may adapt to changing technologies better, but there exists much difficulty in keeping up with the growing science of survey methodology.  Attention to quality and the scientific method is often lacking - with case counts, speed, and costs driving decisions.

I founded the Survey Sciences Group, LLC  in 2004 to address this discrepancy.  We focused our attention on serving academic researchers and addressed their need for quality and solid survey methodology.  And we brought to the table an innovative and flexible organization, with the efficiencies of the commercial world.  We became experts in web-based survey methodology and implementation.  As we grew, we further innovated with a business model of distributed funding to survey research that made previously impossible research possible.