National Campus Climate Survey


Originally, the NCCS began as a collaborative effort between SoundRocket and the University of Michigan as the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct among students there. Soon, the partnership flourished and the study was offered nationally, and has been implemented at campuses across the country. From the original sexual misconduct topic, additional topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion; alcohol and drug use; and mental health have also been added.

What is It?

The NCCS is used by institutions of higher education to better understand their campus climate as it pertains to sexual assault and related affairs. This, in turn, allows those institutions to use their survey data to improve that climate.

What is the Study Design?

The scientifically rigorous sample survey is designed to not only meet state and federal requirements, but be all-around useful for the university in planning and implementing their programs.. 

NCCS provides survey implementation strategies and benchmarking tools to match various institutions’ needs. Those can range from the need for defensible data to evaluating change over time to comparisons to other campuses.

What is the Benefit?

By implementing the NCCS, higher education institutions receive the necessary tools to capture high quality scientific data on their campus climate. With participation, schools receive data and reports that assist them accomplish their mission. This involves sexual misconduct, equality, diversity, inclusivity, etc. 

Using this data, these institutions then have the tools they need to give access to actionable results.