Research Consulting

Research is at the core of most academic departments, non-profit think tanks, government agencies, and innovative commercial enterprises. We’ve taken on hundreds of those industries’ high profile clients, tackling both their large and small scale studies.

We recognize that in order to inform your science, you must have high quality data. SoundRocket prioritizes providing specialized research implementation on your behalf, so you can focus on the important piece: the results.

Make us the general contractor for your next research project.


Custom Data Collection Services

SoundRocket is your top tier research collaborator.  Take advantage of our expertise in study design, questionnaire design, sample design, sampling, survey development & testing, survey methodology, qualitative research methods (cognitive interview, focus groups, etc.), data collection (all modes and methods), and data reporting.

Contact us to learn more about our capabilities as they apply to your data collection needs.


Regulatory Studies

Federal government regulatory studies requiring survey data collection - such as user comprehension and clinical studies - fit well within our consulting and data collection service expertise. SoundRocket has worked with NIH, NIDA, and NIAAA funding on multiple primary research studies. We also specifically understand the current needs and requirements around the following U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulatory pathways for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) personal genetic testing:

  • Carrier Screening Tests (21 CFR 866.5940): Tests designed to determine whether a healthy person carries a genetic variant that could be passed onto offspring.

  • Genetic Health Risk (GHR) Tests (21 CFR 866.5950): Tests designed to provide information about one’s genetic risk for certain medical conditions.

  • Pharmacogenetics Tests (21 CFR 862.3364):  Tests designed to provide information regarding the role genetics play in how someone reacts to specific medications.

  • Cancer Predisposition Tests (CFR 21 866.6090): Similar to the standard genetic health risk report, but designed to help individuals communicate with their medical care providers about more risky and complex cancer risks.


Standardized / Syndicated Studies

We have extensive experience with large-scale research studies such as the National Campus Climate Survey and the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership.

These widely-scoped data collections required minute attention to detail and expansive knowledge of research methods in order to complete in an effective manner. Additionally, all usually followed the same model: bringing together research needs, service needs, and funding for universal good.

Current standardized studies:

  • Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership:  This international research program centers on understanding how higher education shapes socially responsible leadership capacity, as well as other related outcomes.

  • National Campus Climate Survey: This sexual misconduct survey adheres to state and federal requirements, while remaining scientifically meticulous. The implementation strategies and research design provided defensible data, effectively establishing a benchmarking tool to evaluate change over time between multiple campuses.