Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

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Study Details

Principal Investigator: John P. Dugan, Ph.D. (The Aspen Institute) and Bridget Turner Kelly, Ph.D. (Loyola University Chicago)

Institutional Review / Human Subjects Review Board:  Approved by Loyola University Chicago IRB.  Project #2328.  Office of Research Services, 6439 N. Sheridan Rd., Suite 400, Chicago, IL  60626; (e-mail); (telephone) 773-508-2689

Incentive details: All eligible students who participate (where allowed by their local institution) will automatically be included in a drawing for $5,000 in gift cards including two cards at $500, 10 cards at $250, and 15 cards at $100. This drawing will be conducted between June 1 and July 1, 2018 and winners notified by email.  If your local campus also offered prizes, the MSL will provide your school with a list of winners during this same timeframe, and your local campus will notify the winners directly.

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