ICYMI: Five Ways to Use Previously Collected Survey Data to Improve Quality in a Survey

An oldie but a goody!

Care should always be taken to only use previous data when it is methodologically important to do so. Here are the 5 times that reusing data to enhance your survey is actually ok.

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Seven tips for effective web-based survey testing

Testing a web-based survey is one of the most detested activities to many in the survey research business.  It requires patience, persistence, and tremendous focus. Finding someone who enjoys testing and is good at it is a valuable asset to any survey research team. 

A wonderful resource for many details about testing questionnaires (including a chapter on web-based surveys) is Methods for Testing and Evaluating Survey Questionnaires.

Here are seven tips to better web-based survey testing practices for your next study...

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Five Ways to Use Previously Collected Survey Data to Improve Quality in a Survey

When you find yourself surveying a population where significant information is known about those who are in the study prior to them completing the survey (such as in a longitudinal survey, a panel, or when the respondents are part of a known group such as a membership organization), such data can be used as part of the survey instrument design.  

While it is tempting to do whenever possible, when using such data, care should be given to how and when it is used...

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Jim Harbaugh - A Solution to Sagging Response Rates?

Bear with me -- but I have an idea.  I may have stumbled upon the solution to a troubling trend in our science.  Response rates are dropping.  We used to say that it was critical to get high response rates in our studies.  We spoke of our fight against our nemesis of "Non-Response Error"!

But then as it became clear that we were losing that fight...

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