The Science of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing – SoundRocket Partners With Academics and Industry to Understand How Genetic Information is Used

And if you could take a genetic test to determine if you have the gene mutations that could show you have an increased risk of having Alzheimers Disease would you? As the U.S. FDA has started regulating and approving these tests, SoundRocket asks: are there any potential harms and limitations?

ICYMI: Five Ways to Use Previously Collected Survey Data to Improve Quality in a Survey

An oldie but a goody!

Care should always be taken to only use previous data when it is methodologically important to do so. Here are the 5 times that reusing data to enhance your survey is actually ok.

Assessing event-based college student drinking and social context using mobile devices

Most surveys of alcohol-use ask about behaviors and patterns that happen days, weeks months or even years ago. It's all retrospective recollection from study participants. It's useful for identifying general trends but it's fraught with measurement errors.  And when the topic of the study is binge drinking, errors involving memory can increase. -- even if you're asking the question the next day.

Examining the Feasibility of Using SMS When Surveying College Students

ext messages (also known as Short Message Service, or SMS) are more and more becoming the go-to medium of communication. This especially is the case for today’s college students, who seem to conduct their social and even business lives completely via their smartphone.

Scott Crawford and the team at SoundRocket looked at the data surrounding the efficacy of using SMS when surveying college students, resulting in a presentation at the 2013 American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Conference.

Gathering data for direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing made easier with SoundRocket as data collection partner

This was the first experience for any researchers to look closely at the impact of personal genetic testing reports - to see how users understood them and made use of the results they provide. Soundrocket was happy to play a role in this important research.

ICYMI: Seven tips for effective web-based survey testing

Testing a web-based survey is one of the most detested activities to many in the survey research business. From a 2016 post, here are seven tips to better web-based survey testing practices for your next study. You're welcome :-)

FDA Genetic Health Assessment Ruling: Decoded

Trying to read and understand the latest FDA release on personal genetic testing (or what they are now calling Genetic Health Assessments)?  Wish that they could indent when they use multi-level outlines?  We have created a version that may be a bit easier to read and understand...

Evaluating Nonresponse Bias in a Longitudinal Study of Healthy Adults Receiving Genome Sequencing

We know your survey is exciting and will divulge important findings; you know your survey is exciting and will divulge important findings. But darn those who don’t know this and so don’t participate. Or worse – those who do know this, but choose not to participate for some other reason. Their nonresponse can create uncertainty in how accurate our survey results actually are.  If only we could survey robots or well-trained dogs who followed our instructions instead of people!