Who is SoundRocket?

We are professional scientists who have a passion for the exploration of social phenomenon.

We strive to enhance the science in social sciences.

We are inquisitive and like to ask why and how.

We practice innovation.

We iterate to improve – using the scientific method in everything we do.

We have fun.


Our Services


Custom Research & Consulting

SoundRocket is here to support your research data collection – so that you can focus on the research itself. Every project is unique to fit your specific needs but can include study design, questionnaire design, sample design, sampling, survey development & testing, qualitative research methods (cognitive interview, focus groups, etc.), data collection (all modes and methods), data analysis and reporting, and More! Let’ us be the general contractor for your social research project.


Multi-Institutional Studies

Science not only begins in academia – it is often first put into practice within higher education settings. SoundRocket partners with researchers who have research questions that involve higher education – where collaboration between many institutions is necessary, and efficient quick turnaround science is a must to keep up with the changing higher education landscape. Learn how SoundRocket has partnered to build significant national studies like the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership  and the National Campus Climate Survey that serve both science and higher education administration.


Regulatory User Comprehension Studies

Is your organization pursuing an application for a Genetic Health Risk Report to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via a De Novo or 501(K) application? SoundRocket can support your user comprehension study in support of this application. We will assist in building a strong report platform using iterative scientific design to help you reach the required comprehension level. FDA not your regulatory focus? We can support studies for FTC and other regulatory bodies as well.


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